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Kerstin Macloud A beautiful handcrafting talent ... February 27, 2013
Sylvia and I have known each other for many years as colleagues in the travel business and friends as well. We often worked together and always exchanged experiences and knowledge. On one cold winter day in Florida, Sylvia was wearing a very unique shawl which I noticed and asked her about it.

No one of us would ever have guessed that the other one would possess any craftsman's skills. Sylvia showed me some of her designs and turned me onto knitting again - a long neglected talent but like riding a bike, it came back in a flash. I developed my own designs and ideas inspired by Sylvia.

Sylvia started crafting at a very challenging time in her life. First, just to pass time, then to supplement income. Sylvia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. She was then a breast cancer survivor.

Sadly, Sylvia is not with us anymore and I would like to ask for a quiet moment at this point. Her original breast cancer developed into more and she finally had to give in and passed away on January 31 of 2013. Sylvia was just such a strong and beautiful woman. She will always live in our hearts.

Her original breast cancer was the birth of One-Of-A-Kind Accessories: unique knits, everything developed and handcrafted with lots of love by two freelancers during a slow economy period in order to make some additional income and to bring joy to you!

Here you can admire lots of her wonderful work:

The most beautiful ones were made by Sylvia; she clearly had the better talent!

In loving memory,


Kerstin Macloud What a great singer ... February 27, 2013
... and performer:

Thank you Sylvia!
Kerstin Macloud Tootsie says Goodbye February 27, 2013
Hello everybody,

I am Tootsie ...


... Sylvia's and Derrick's little doggy. I am so sad that my Mama Sylvia is not here with me anymore but she is now an angel in heaven and is watching over me. Here, I want to tell you my story and how I came into this wonderful warm and loving home.

Please, just click on the link below:

Mama Sylvia, I will never forget you and you will always live in my little heart.

Love, many hugs, and slobbery doggy kisses,


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